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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Introduction to the Good Word

Greetings friends, lovers, friends who would be lovers if they were mediocre-looking women,

Today is a fine day. Today I begin to speak out from my world. Today I join the many voices echoing through cyberspace. Will my voice be heard? Will you listen? If you do, I will amuse you. Go ahead, read. Indulge yourself a belly-laugh, give a sinister smile, rub more lotion on your parts, however you choose to react is okay. No one will judge you here. You can even punch CTRL ALT DELETE when you've had too much. But come back, come back, don't ever go away for good. I couldn't bear that.

Never mind what some doctor said. This can cure what ails you. There is a sweet medicinal herb that grows on this page. Put your lighter down. Slowly. Don't hurt yourself. This is an herb of the soul, a grass of the heart, a weed in the cornfield of thought. Let it grow and reproduce. Keep the Round-Up away. There are thorns in this patch, but also pretty blue and purple flowers.

This is the diary public.


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