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Friday, July 09, 2004


There is a degenerate who loves all of your flaws. This degenerate may be a man or a woman. Your personal degenerate gets off on everything you think is imperfect about yourself: spits a wad, soaks a silky, gets off on it!

He/She/She-he loves it and couldn't be happier that you possess it. Whether it be cellulite, giant cankles, great crimson pimples, a splurging bulge of fat, or terribly hammertoed feet, there is someone out there for you. How can you not believe that? There are a thousand million degenerates out there. And more than one of them loves your body. You likely have a choice between five or more degenerates, some of whom have social skills or at least an indecipherable accent. Give up your inhibitions now.



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