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Friday, February 10, 2006

Shopping for earrings

It is morning, and I have spent the night shopping for earrings. I did not want gold, or diamond, or even stainless steel, but rather earrings made from undecorated styrofoam balls. At the jewelry store I found a multi-pack of these earrings, including two free fishing lures, for only $9.99. This pleased me a great deal because I knew that I could stick pins in them.

It was close to closing time. The cashier, an Indonesian girl, would not let me buy the earrings unless I gave her my father's date of birth. Apparently, the jewelry store's owner was his close personal friend, and I would receive a discount. She told me that this was where he bought my mother's wedding ring.

A bald man grinned at me from behind the display case. I turned to the cashier and asked if he was the owner. She raised her eyebrows. I turned again and the bald man was gone.

I gave her the date of birth, and she pulled up my father's account. She then asked me my date of birth. Anxious to leave, I told her that that information was unnecessary.

A pickup truck smashed through the plate-glass window, interrupting our transaction.


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