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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You Should Understand That...

1) Anyone can use"Dios mio" in a conversation without being looked at funny, as long they pronounce it with an American accent, slowly. Go ahead, try it. Then close your eyes a count to one hundred in your head. Have they stopped looking at you funny?

2) Iran's leadership is as crazy as ours.

3) There is a perfect weather to sleep. It occurs when the cool from the window equals the warmth of the blanket(s). You can tell because you use the weather as an excuse to oversleep and come in to work late. If your boss asks you, "Why you late?", you can reply, "This morning the warmth of the blanket equaled the cool from the window, and to take the blanket off would have been horrible, so warm it was."

If he fires you, he's never really lived, and you should pity that dick.

4) I am happy that there are strawberries in the refrigerator.


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