Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Brief Reign

Three children play on the great mound of dirty ice in the parking lot. One, a funny little man in a puffy blue jacket, stands atop with arms raised and barks:

"Here ye, here ye...Here ye, here ye...I love Little Caesar's pizza! Cheese and pepperoni!"

The other two, a small boy and larger girl, struggle with each other for the right to topple him to the pavement and announce their favorite pizza toppings.

"I am what I eat!" he yells. "I am the big cheese! King of the Pizza! King Pepperoni!"

The other two tumble, giggling, to the base of the mountain.

The blue boy arches his back and screams to the sky, "Long live King Pepperoooooo..." as he slips and bounces down the back side of the oily ice to the sidewalk.

He dashes around to drag down his rivals, Princess Sausage and Prince Extra Cheese.


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