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Friday, May 16, 2008


Ashamed of the recent rash of nonsense that has been spilling out of me, I thought I might try a coherent post. I live in Chicago. I am from the suburbs of Chicago. I tend to despise New York for being too self-absorbed. I tend to despise Los Angeles for the same reason. I like to think that Chicago, and the Midwest in general, provides a framework to be self-absorbed without losing focus of the problems of society as a whole, and the role of yourself in those problems.

I love the Cubs. I hate the Cubs. I could never envision a World Series on the North Side of Chicago. To have a World Series would disorient me badly. I am good at dealing with disappointments because I expect the Cubs to disappoint. Life is mostly disappointments. I am good at dealing with life. A Cubs World Series would drive me insane, driven insane like a ball off of Derrek Lee's bat into the right-center field gap, scoring the runner from first.

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Blogger Crys said...

i'm in Chicago too, and this is definitely a Cubs household. in fact manically so. from the moment Spring training starts to the miserable last gasp of the season, we are watching.

but me? i'd love to see a series. this town would go OFF.

9:15 AM  
Blogger juan henri lopez said...

If we start becoming ashamed of the nonsense we spout we mind as well not write. Nonsense is for those who like movies more than pushups.

4:11 PM  

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