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Monday, July 24, 2006

Why ambulance, fire marshal, and cops came

Domestic violence has gone on outside my apartment. A woman repeatedly shouts out "Orgy, orgie," meaning something altogether different than that in English. There is an ambulance, a fire marshal, and a police car, whose lights flash in the night. The interaction in the street seems to be aftermath: two Serbian or Montenegrin men, one wearing a bandanna, try to communicate with the cops. No one was carried out on a stretcher. It may be valuable to try to re-enact the scene which brought the cops and ambulance.

Man: Gibberish, gibberish, why don't you ever gibberish?
Woman: You gibberish. You always gibberish.
Man: I'll gibberish your gibberish if you ever gibberish again.
Woman: I'm calling the gibberish.
Man (advancing): The hell you are.
Man #2: I'm uncomfortable.

In retrospect, it was not at all valuable to re-enact the situation. In fact, it trivialized the entire nature of domestic gibberish and doomed me to an eternity of burning in gibberish.


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