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Monday, June 05, 2006

Charlos and the Palindrome

I was hoping to write a post about Carlos Zambrano's no-hitter. This was ruined by a Preston Wilson single to right about as much as Cindy Crawford was ruined by a single mole to the left. The Chubs beat those sick Texas sprawlers by an eight-count. Those Lone-Star bastards disgust me because they expand and expand and if anyone messes with them, they carry loaded guns in their truck. They kill. They execute those who are different and perhaps weak.

Instead, how about this:

The palindrome is wonderful because it is the same backwards as forwards. It has no opposite, no dark side. How many of me have battled and succumbed to aggressive public drunkenness, fear of the poor, and misogeny only to realize that my demons are myself? What if I equaled my demons, and no one could tell the demon, red horns and knife poised handily, from the human, frail and cowering before the almighty avalanche of death? The palindrome does not struggle. The demon is appeased that it can take, and the human is appeased that it can give exactly the same amount. The palindrome is perfect balance and therefore happiness.

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Blogger amadea's world said...

Now that was strange. I have just posted a comment on a post and now the post is gone. Did you remove it?
So I have to rewrite.
I said that you have a strange and unusual way of writing. Or is it just that me not being a native English speaker does not understand ?

4:57 PM  

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