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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

From Left to Right

"You want to write something? It's one in the morning. Go to bed. You need to go to work tomorrow."

"Lefty, you suck. You worse than suck. You nurse!"

"Foolish, naive right-brain. You won't write the first chapter of the Great American Novel when you're all drunk and stupid."

"What's 1445 plus 267, divided by two?"

"I...I can't...It's all hazy in here."

"See? No one's drunk and stupid but you. I don't do math. I don't subscribe to those rules. All I need is one good feeling, and I still have plenty of those."


"Pocket protector."

"Okay. I've got some facts for you: Turin was once the capital of Italy. Mole day is October 23. Amelie Mauresmo is a lesbian. The half-life of Uranium 238 is..."

"Arrrgh! Filthy bastard! All so white..."

"I can still count too. Heee heee ehee heh eeee heee! There are seventeen "e's" in my laugh. There are six "h's" in my laugh. How many letters are in my laugh?"

"I'll kill you! Come here and get...sum...sum...some..."

"Some what? Some derivatives? Some integrals?"



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