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Monday, August 21, 2006

Nice Looking Things

If a man, let's call him "I," had attractive woman legs, what should I do but stare and caress? What I should do is lie on a velvet couch and sell Polaroids of them for money. Sir, there are no more Polaroids. I mean digital images, guaranteed not to be Photoshopped, for money. Sir, there are women doing that already. Do you have better woman legs than a hot-legged woman? Well, no, not exactly, but maybe I could exploit a niche market and sell to lesbians who fantasize about being heterosexual, for money. Sir, lesbians don't purchase digital images, they generate them. Well, these legs are nice looking things, and I sure would like to use them, for money. Sir, take some yoga classes, then pay yourself to lick your own thighs.


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