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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday's Meals

Breakfast: 1 pot coffee
Lunch: 1 organic bean and cheese burrito + one blackberry flavored yogurt.
Dinner: Beer
Midnight meal: To be determined, depending on the length/intensity of dinner -- today it may be pan-seared chicken breast with sauteed onions, red bell peppers, and jalapenos with rice on the side or it may be delivery pizza (deep dish) or it may be sweet, merciful sleep -- each equally savory.

Dinner is my favorite meal because it melts away the nagging sense of having wasted another day, of not having written anything, or of having written something that is no good at all. Dinner makes me believe that I am a writer and rekindles the optimism, the boundless possibilities of the blank page. At least until I read what I've written the next day.

Breakfast is a good meal too. It jars the mind out of its cloudy dream world, and life once again happens predictably, with cause and effect reinstated.

The midnight meal is the most difficult because I never want dinner to end, but it is also the meal I am most proud of, cooking something palatable without bothering to measure ingredients -- the less containers I handle, the less I can drop.

Lunch sucks. It just makes me want to siesta.


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