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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Golden Pen

Today at City Hall, a fan of my writing gave me a gold pen. Well, he less gave it to me than didn't chase me when I ripped it from the display on his desk and dashed down six flights of stairs out into the bright bright city. The baseball equivalent would be defensive indifference, so it doesn't count as stealing. And why does a notary public deserve a gold pen anyway? A gold stamp I can see.

I've been biting the pen to see if it's real gold, but I haven't been able to leave teeth marks, even when poking a needle beneath my big toenail. The Internet says that biting isn't a reliable test. After the toenail thing, I'll believe whatever the Internet tells me. I've already divulged the PIN of my ATM card to the Internet. It's 0000. If a banker steals my wallet, which is made of gold leaf, I hope he will start with 0001 and end with 9999.

So for the past hour I've been staring at the pen as it lies in its circle of ten tea lights. I wonder what kind of golden words it contains, and I wonder how long and obscure those words are. I regret not having one of those modern computer screens that you can write on with a pen. I regret using all of the paper in my home to pad my ego collection in my move to another home. I regret the subsequent decision that life is better without paper, as does my shower massager. I regret inadvertently answering the question of why a man would need a shower massager.

Well, the tea lights have started to burn out. I appreciate all of you listening to me talk about my day. It helps me get through the next one. Good night.


Blogger Crys said...

when you have abdominal surgery they cut into your abdomen with surgical implements, which i assume resemble knives. the whole production is just that, a production, and it leaves one with a lot of pain well, right in the abdomen area. so i, possessing this kind of pain, should not visit your blog where you write about golden pens in the midst of ten tea lights. because that makes me laugh. and i even want to laugh hard. this sort of thing is counterintuitive WHOLLY to not wanting to be in pain after surgeons with implements cut into your belly. am i making sense? i bloody hope not. i am a drugstore cowgirl!

but i do want to know more about the shower massager

7:20 AM  
Blogger juan henri lopez said...

Your writing is like sunshine in an otherwise cloudy day.

12:11 PM  

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