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Friday, November 05, 2004

George W.

Jesus Christ, can you imagine five million Americans voting on the basis of "moral values?" "Moral values" are an issue created by Republicans, which include abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, etc, designed to overshadow the moral values denigrated by bombing un-American families, destroying un-American villages, and this apparently self-evident statement: un-Americans' lives and loves are not as important as money or Texas Justice!

I have often thought what I would say to Mr. Bush should I be in the front row of some taxpayer-funded-blood parade, and he emerged from his bulletproof limosine to shake some hands. I feel myself so overcome with rage that I cannot bear to do anything but spit. This bothers me because he is not worth my spit. It is not Mr. Bush who destroys the world. It is you and I, our appetite for gasoline and convenience, our sense of inadequacy brought to us by advertising, and the fact that America is designed for protection of wealth.


I want my wealth protected because I am afraid of not having a wonderful home attractive to women (which I do not have). I am afraid of the impoverished, of their casual attitude toward violence, of their belief in God. I am afraid of those larger than me, of those with larger members than I have, of not having an equalizer. I am afraid of death, of meaninglessness, of most beautiful women. I am afraid of well-dressed gays, of cults, of animals that do not make a beeline for my crotch (and those that do). I am afraid that my mind cannot function without my body, which I neglect. Wealth seems the only way to combat these fears, and if it is not protected, what happens next?

Hypocrisy falls.



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