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Friday, February 18, 2005

Those quarter-hours

My favorite time of the day is those intervals of sleep between when I first wake up and when I decide to spend the rest of the day awake. I walk the consciousness line, sometimes controlling and directing my thoughts, and sometimes succumbing to sleep's random effect on them. Sleep is a window to other dimensions.

It would be foolish to ask where these dimensions are or when they occur. They are beyond our conception of space and time. But they have great energy, and a brain is a fine antenna. A brain can do so much that we do not allow. Society believes it knows the universe. Why should we believe otherwise?

There are those who would say that I should just wake up and get on with my day, that I should get to making money, that I shouldn't be a lazy bum. These people are fiercely attached to their beliefs. There is nothing wrong with them. In fact, they are correct. They are correct in their own mind, in their world where they occupy a specific place at a specific time in a specific society. This begs the question, "Do they?"

We know a narrow slice of it.


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