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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Like the crocodile

There is less truth now than there used to be. Used to be, some things were true, other things were not true. Now, a case can be made for anything to be untrue. A truth becomes untrue because the slightest aspect of it is untrue. But are there things left that are true regardless of reason or analysis?

Animals seem to know truth. When a dog shoves its snout into your crotch, it thinks, "Meaty, bacon!" Indeed, crotch is salted, tangy meat. However, reason then appears, and we think, "Crotch is not salted, tangy meat. Crotch is reproductive organs and status symbols." What we really mean though, is, "Don't bite my crotch." In our flawed human state, we have denied an obvious truth from an obvious perspective. Our emotion causes reason causes falsehood.

I would say that loss is true without exception. Anyone can identify with a loss. If they are sociopaths or psychopaths than that loss would be profound and inexpressible, not even there to the untrained eye. Who has not lost something that they have deeply and carefully wanted? It hurts, and pain is a sure sign of truth.

While it hurts, we say that the pain is necessary to learn (to avoid truth). It would be truer not to learn. It would be truer to teach our youth to live without awareness or loss, like the crocodile. Truth is the crocodile, and we are fleeing from it.


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