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Friday, September 15, 2006

Pairs of Assertions

From a paper under the bed dated January 15, 2002:

A fall on ice is better than a fall off an invisible ledge because a fall on ice is a smooth fall.

Smooth falls are less likely to hurt you than jarring ones.

There is such thing as magic, but it is caused by electricity.

Neither scientists nor electricians understand electricity completely.

If the body chose its favorite music genre, it would choose hip-hop.

The body could not dance without the help of the brain, who would rather listen to flutes.

People, when alone, should be permitted to laugh without reason.

A person who is caught laughing without reason will soon lose his privilege to use silverware.

Physically desirable people have no need for more than just token personalities.

The same goes for the retarded.

Poop is a less offensive word for shit.

Shit is a less offensive word for drugs.


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