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Monday, December 10, 2007

Dialogue: Blogger and Blog Critic

I will eat tamales for dinner tonight.

No one cares about your dinner.

I bought these tamales from the Tamale Guy at a bar a month ago. The tamale guy carries three flavors of tamales: cheese, pork, and mystery. Mine are pork. I froze them, and two nights ago I put them in my refrigerator to defrost.

No one cares about your dinner.

Hey buddy. Do you mind not interrupting me? I'm telling people a story about tamales that ends with me eating them (the tamales).

No one cares about your dinner.

Hey, what's your problem? What are you, a blog critic?

Yes. And what you're writing is crap.

Did you always want to be blogger, but your life bores people? Maybe you just have low self-esteem, and you think no one would ever read about you. Hey, you're a human being. You're entitled to a blog.

I maintain six blogs. I update them every day. One of them is dedicated to exposing people who clutter the internet with mundane crap. That is you.

Oh, so you're just a prick.




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