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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fury and Peace

I'll fucking kill you bastard. I'll tear out your eyes. I have not learned to deal with my emotions, but I have learned to use a knife. With the tip of the knife I'll mix up your pupils with your iris and your cornea and create gray. And red and red and red!

Swirling, bubbling, the fountain of unlimited goodness is inside me so deep. I smile. You might not be sure I am human. I breathe. The fountain moves up through my veins to my skin and turns my demeanor a brilliant blue. I am at peace. I love you.

I'll cut your dick off. I'll fuck cut it off and shove in your goddamn mixed up color eye. It's not going to get hard anymore, so I'll have to stuff it in with the eraser end of a pencil. I'll watch your blood pool on the pavement and I'll smash your teeth in to delay your identification ten minutes. Your poor mama oh your poor mama. I laugh at her.

The fountain pools so nicely. I lie down in the fountain. It bathes me, and goosebumps pop. I float towards a better end, as does the world, as does the universe. The fountain springs from deep in Mama Earth. It is her blood, and I am pure. Mama help me. Mama helps me to be better, yeah mama, that's the stuff.



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