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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Melting I & II

12:07 A.M.

I sit concealed in my car. The heat erodes the elegant sheet on the windshield faster than the diamond bits of sleet can replace it. Dashboard minutes pass. I grow naked. The hour is late, and there is no parking in the neighborhood. I do not have my lights on, but drivers, desperate to not be driving, slow down for the plumes of exhaust. Through their headlights, I am an arrogant asshole. I flaunt a gift that I received by chance, not merit -- with no intention to share. I am not that. I just watch the ice. I JUST WATCH THE ICE. Its ever-shifting crystals spiral downward into water.

5:06 A.M.

Something in the first snowfall of the season still excites me, and I cannot sleep. Only a few inches have fallen, but the sky is an angry, pestilent yellow and belches thunder. The hour is early, and I think I might go outside to revel in the unbroken and still growing whiteness before anyone else can set their foot into it. And who knows, maybe there will be a woman-reveler, and we will make babies together reveling.

I open the door, and a blast of wet wind slaps me in the face -- Ha! -- there's my woman-reveler, pure and chaste -- so I return to my car to watch the melting. I recline. Something whacks the window, but it's only a branch, whipped about by the wind.

Defrost approaches magic. My blanket melts from left to right in molten metal pebbles. I unwrap a nut cookie. A bicycle sways forlorn, chained to the gate and forced to wear a powdered wig. The nut cookie tastes good. I could sleep beneath the heavy down and pelt of falling fluff.


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