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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Small Coffee with Cream

"Small coffee with cream, please."

"Just one?" the girl asked.

It had not occurred to me that I needed to number my creams, but at McDonald's it makes sense to think of them in small, corporate units. I am not picky about how much cream goes into coffee, as long as the amount falls between not enough and too much.

"Yeah, just one."

She punched some buttons. "Inside?"

"No, to go."

"I meant inside the coffee. The cream?"

I laughed. "Yes, inside the coffee." Where else would the cream go?

As I walked home I thought about a man who might order his cream outside the coffee. This man must like some cream fraction, perhaps two and one-third creams per coffee, and he cannot, in a timely fashion, explain fractions other than one-quarter to the employees. Maybe because the apple pie is not circular.

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Blogger amadea's world said...

When my mother saw a sign "coffee to go" she said, "I did not know that we have coffee from Togo here."

8:38 AM  

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