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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Staring down the blender

You, blender, stop looking at me with all your buttons and your funny hat. Your malevolence will not be tolerated here. I'm a real live person, don't you look at me. I see you wanting to grab my hand, to try to puree it and prevent me from getting into the honey roasted peanuts. Because of the calories? Or maybe you're wanting to grate, grind, crumb, or chop my hand along with the honey roasted peanuts and have me use my other hand to spread the mixture on toast, a sort of honey peanut butter and jellied hand with bone and fingernail fragments? I love honey roasted peanuts, even chopped, even bloody, but my hand is too important. No matter how undesirable, obscene, and disgusting the words I write, I am people and you are machine. We are not the same. I have something extra.



Blogger jorg wobblington lopez said...

If you were to sell your hand in some honey peanut butter, you had better sell it for lots, because once it's gone, it's gone forever.... Unless you clone yourself, then you will be a trillionaire.

8:31 PM  
Blogger JMH said...

I wouldn't trust a bunch of my clones with hooks for hands. I definitely wouldn't fall asleep around them.

11:47 PM  

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