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Monday, July 26, 2010

Problem/Solution/Com- plication

Problem: I deny death in day to day life. When it happens, it's shocking to an unpleasant degree.

Solution: I address the terror first. Death is the ultimate unknown, but trillions have done it. From the other side, I'm sure they'd say it's no big deal. It's always there. It's natural.

Complication: If it happens to me, I'm going to poop myself.

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Blogger Kono said...

We all do shit ourselves in the end now don't we.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Asylum Dolly said...

Yup, it's the final indignity!
I often think about death. Not in a morbid way...well sometimes in a morbid way.
It's such a mystery, because nobody has been able to come back and tell us what happens. Except for those who have had near death experiences. Some of those sound cool, but some sound terrifying. My friends mother "died" and came back during an operation, and she said there was nothing but white space, and utter silence, and that it was horrible. It creeped me out because i had a few nightmares like that as a kid, except there was this annoying high pitched hum instead of silence. But the spirit could go to any number of given locations, so i guess that is just one of them.
After i die i hope to come back as a magical pixie, and freak people out in happy magical pixie type ways when they're camping in the forest.

7:37 AM  
Blogger JMH said...

Kono - I think Bon summed that up nicely.

Bon - In my circle of friends, we call that hum The Cosmic Mosquito.

9:43 PM  

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