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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hey Doc

Some days inner weather obscures the creative sun. Directionless, I stumble around, sometimes to discovery, but mostly down dead ends into trash bags. Wet trash stinks like rotten cabbage.

Other days the creative sun burns so brightly that it illuminates everything. Words race. I laugh because the path is so clear, almost too clear, and why didn't I see that before? A spill is a waterfall. Nature is a wonder.

Does this require medication? I don't think so, Doc, because there's balance. The median day is a happy mix, you know, partly cloudy or partly sunny. Happimix? Yeah, I would support that as a word, but not as a drug brand name. Who do you work for anyway?

You know what, Doc? I will consider your opinion. You are a medical professional, Doc, but I am weather.

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