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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun with language and babies

If a baby goose is a gosling,
And a little moose a mosling,
Then an airplane liquor bottle is a bozling,
And a Native American fetus a paposling.


Blogger amadea's world said...

Golling is not a girl from China, it is a little village near here. And Schladming is not a man belongin to the Ming dynasty - it a skiing resort.

5:17 PM  
Blogger JMH said...

Thank you. It's important to avoid confusion whenever possible.

8:21 PM  
Blogger jorg wobblington lopez said...

That doesn't apply to this post, though, does it. Or am I stupid.

9:04 PM  
Blogger JMH said...

You're not giving me a lot of flexibility here.

9:26 PM  
Blogger JMH said...

Here's my thought process:

4:26 PM  
Blogger jorg wobblington lopez said...

Oh I didn't know papoose.

The baby end of a train: cabosling.

6:29 PM  
Blogger JMH said...

Neat. The next time I'm on a train the man who takes the tickets is going to be very confused when I quote you.

1:18 AM  
Blogger Rassles said...

Be careful on trains, sir, because sometimes they hit people and you get home two hours late.

Could we call a noose for a dwarf a nosling?

11:05 AM  
Blogger JMH said...

We could, but it would probably be disrespectful to do it while he's still hanging there, Wizard of Oz style.

1:05 PM  
Blogger jorg wobblington lopez said...

a philandering dwarf can be referred to as losling.

1:13 PM  

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