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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Sweet sweet

"When you're old, when you're old, nobody will know...that you were a beauty, a sweet sweet beauty, a sweet sweet beauty, but stone stone cold... "

What sort of perverse desire does a man have that repulses so many ladies? To do her in the butt? All she has to say is, yes. Taking It (apparently) feels like taking a really big dump, over and over and over, and then receiving some milky laxative. I love to dump (when I do it properly), and this should also be a pleasurable thing for a lady. I think that most of the time ladies don't want to take it here, there, and everywhere because they don't want to admit that they derive pleasure from dumping (or that they dump at all). After all, dumping is unladylike.

I would not want to be with a lady who did not dump, for she might begin to stink. She would walk around with a downturned mouth and eyes full of fear of what will soon happen when years of procrastination come back to bite her in the...

Monday, August 09, 2004

Two sentences

It doesn't seem to be the behavior that matters. It seems to be the person who interprets the behavior.