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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Links

So it's pretty much Summer. I should be done complaining about the weather. Well, guess what? I am. This is the season to be alive, to be in the city. I am both.

These are interesting bits, in no particular order, and the sun has come, and I shall worship it:

1) Golden State

2) Life is For Expansion

3) Public Art Continues to Be Terrible, Amazing: Part 2

Enjoy, people. Don't think so deeply. The sun is warm.


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

On Knowing Better and Letting Things Go

Beautiful and protected by the moon, I don't want her to end up as arm-decor for a rich. Some clever, happy rich, maybe that Rich, who loves boating and wine, wears yellow golf shirts, and has a parakeet named Alphonsus who he calls Baby. He says "Yes" instead of "Yeah, man." Sometimes he says "Affirmative."

Even if things get worse, I will not stoop to sabotage. She's her own woman, and she'll find out things. To watch this progress in the total absence of progress without taking action is a variety of tortures. But at least it's variety. My life is suddenly spicy.